Personal Training What has to change?

It seems like almost everyone is becoming a Personal Trainer. People are looking for a fast, easy career change that pays well and one, which they believe, does not require much work. The result… an overcrowded fitness industry filled with people pretending to be ‘professional’ trainers. As a result, the general public is starting to see […]

My Journey as a Personal Trainer

My Personal Journey as a trainer…so far Having been active in the fitness industry for almost twenty years I have been asked by a few trainers I have taught to share my story. If you are new to the fitness industry or thinking of becoming a trainer you may think personal training on the surface […]

Are You CrossFit?

A friend of mine, and a great CrossFit coach has asked me to write an article for his clubs blog post. I have heard nothing but great reports from his gym (or ‘box’ for you CrossFitters) and as mentioned he’s a great coach so I have happily agreed to write a few words.  Those who […]

Keeping it Simple, A Basic Workout Template

Keeping it Simple, A Basic Workout Template From time to time I like to get a little less scientific and keep it simple. A few days ago one of my clients brought her husband along for a workout. I asked him how he normally trains and he told me that he usually does circuit training […]

The Squat vs The Leg press

I recently came across an article (I think it was in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning research?) where the researchers asked “What type of exercise will elicit the biggest hormonal response, machines or free weights?” They chose the leg press and back squat to duel it out in a test of which could produce […]