Personal Training What has to change?

It seems like almost everyone is becoming a Personal Trainer. People are looking for a fast, easy career change that pays well and one, which they believe, does not require much work. The result… an overcrowded fitness industry filled with people pretending to be ‘professional’ trainers. As a result, the general public is starting to see […]

My Journey as a Personal Trainer

My Personal Journey as a trainer…so far Having been active in the fitness industry for almost twenty years I have been asked by a few trainers I have taught to share my story. If you are new to the fitness industry or thinking of becoming a trainer you may think personal training on the surface […]

What has happened to the fitness industry?

The fitness industry seems to have become a modelling competition with more and more people competing in ‘physique’ contests. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly admire the work, commitment and sacrifice from those who have put in the hard yards and legitimately compete. But I’ve noticed a strange trend that’s growing stronger every year. Today […]