Fitness is not a religion, there are many ways to get results


If you are a coach, your clients are not there to serve you. They are not put on this earth to stroke your ego, to be your living billboard or a monument to your greatness. They are the client. By definition , that means we work for them. And it is our responsibility to not only give them results but also avoid destroying their health while doing it.

Many people can be sucked into numerous fitness cults jumping from one ‘guru’ to the next while not even fully understanding the training philosophy they are adopting. Like sheep following blindly and becoming victim to the groupthink mentality.

“If its good enough for that coach, its good enough for me…right?”

Some of these ego driven brainwashed trainers judge / look down on the unconverted or anyone who doesn’t employ the same training methods as them, and basically turn into fitness snobs!

We are all susceptible to blindly following advice, abandoning common sense, and trying to fit in. But there is a science to fitness / strength & conditioning, it’s called Sports Science. I believe we must change our mindset to critical thinking and evidence based coaching.

No matter what anyone tells you, many roads can lead to Rome. There are many ways to see great results in the gym.

The chances are the person whose physique you envy so badly doesn’t train harder than you. He or she simply trains more consistently and eats better than you do. As long as you’re consistently getting stronger in the primary movement patterns, revving up your metabolism, and progressively overloading the major muscle groups then you’re achieving a great workout.

Don’t let a guru or clueless trainer dictate the way you train, take control and figure it out for yourself.

  • If you don’t like squatting, then don’t squat,  do a single leg squatting movement instead.
  • If you don’t like deadlifting, don’t deadlift, do a single leg deadlifting movement and/or heavy kettlebell swings instead.
  • If you don’t like bench pressing, don’t bench press, do weighted push-ups and/or dumbbell horizontal pressing.
  • If you prefer performing shoulder pressing from the seated position rather than standing, do it seated.
  • If hip thrusting makes you feel uncomfortable in the gym, don’t do them, just do single leg hip thrusts and/or cable pull-throughs and/or kettlebell swings.
  • If you love squatting and it doesn’t hurt you, then squat.
  • If you love deadlifting and it doesn’t hurt you, then deadlift.
  • If you love to leg press, go ahead and leg press.
  • If you like isolation movements, then by all means, do isolation movements.
  • If you hate conditioning work, don’t do it.
  • If you prefer the inverted row over the bent over row, choose the inverted row.
  • If you like training your arms directly, then train your arms directly.
  • If you enjoy kettlebells, use them. If you don’t, then don’t use them.
  • If you enjoy machines, use them. If you don’t, then don’t use them.
  • If you like resistance bands, use them. If you don’t, then don’t use them.
  • If overhead work such as pull-ups and military press cause you problems, don’t do them. If they don’t cause you problems and you enjoy them, do them.
  • If Romanian deadlifting feels much better on the joints than regular deadlifting, then RDL more often.
  • If you prefer high reps, then focus on getting stronger in higher rep ranges, If you prefer lower reps, then focus on getting stronger in lower rep ranges, If you prefer medium reps, then focus on getting stronger in medium rep ranges.
  • If you enjoy all rep ranges, then get stronger in all rep ranges.
  • If you prefer bodyweight training, then get really good at bodyweight training and learn advanced bodyweight exercises.
  • If barbells are your thing, there’s nothing wrong with solely performing barbell lifts.

I am sure you get the message!

Fitness is not a religion nor politics. You are free to decide how you should train. And there are many ways to construct an effective training program and get results. So if you are currently operating in efforts to seek acceptance from a group rather than engaging in critical thinking, you owe it to yourself to break away. Remove the shackles and free your mind.

Happy Training…


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